January —– Rockall 2011 MM0RAI/p DXpedition video (EU-189 located between Ireland and Iceland) – (NCDXF #166)

February —– Discussion on how the Club Log works by Wayne WA1PMA

March —– Discussion on DXing & contesting; some tricks from the more experienced members

April —–Video of the Super Multi-Multi station of Buzz Hazard Reeves N2AA and its contest crew

May —– Discussion of his new Pixel Technologies shortwave magnetic loop antenna (model RF PRO-1B) by Dan N5AR

June —–3D2R Rotuma Island 2011 DXpedition video (NCDXF #164)

July —– Topics on Yagi antenna chokes to prevent coax line radiation by Dan N5AR

August —– Summer picnic at the Sandpoint, ID home of Al W7AL

August convention —– SDXA hosted the 2013 PNW DX Convention at the Mirabeau, chaired by Randy K7TQ and co-hosted by Gary K7OX

September —– Portions of a video by Don Daso K4ZA on opinions of 50 of today’s best contesters

October —– VK0IR Heard Island 1997 DXpedition video by James Brooks 9V1YC (NCDXF #98)

November —– Presentation by Bob Lee N7AU on the installation of his new Rohn 65 tower

December —– Annual Awards Banquet at the Longhorn Barbecue in Airway Heights – Program by Lynn N2HS on his trip to the Antarctic