January – Team Belchfire: Lynn N2HS presented the 3-element, 6-meter antenna project that Jay WS7I, Wayne WA1PMA, and he made last Summer.

February – Wayne WA1PMA and Jay WA0WWW presented logging programs; they also used the cluster with the programs, including the new chat feature for SDXA members.

March – Wayne WA1PMA and Steve K7AWB presented LOTW and how easy it really is.

April – A DVD on the VP8ORK (South Orkney) DXpedition produced by James Brooks.

May – A Field Day equipment setup was made at the meeting from Wayne WA1PMA, Randy K7TQ, and Jay WA0WWW for the upcoming June Field Day event.

June – Wayne WA1PMA gave a presentation on the logging program called N1MM to be used at the next SDXA Field Day event.

July -#1 – WA1PMA went over the new DXCC application on line; now as the cards come in to you, you can enter them into a ARRL database and not wait until the end to do them all. #2 – a 8mm film re-do for a DXpedition in the early 70s to Wallis Island, tube rigs, wire antennas, paper logs and pigs.

August – Summer Picnic at Franklin Park.

September – Wilse WX7P from Rice, WA presented his construction of a Beverage antenna.

October – Dan Knutsen PE from Avista talked about their RF Interference Elimination Program.

November – Randy W7TJ gave a program on propagation with excellent insights to the propagation we might see this coming period of years which he called The Winter. There was a handout with active web links to some sites to help you decide if you head for the shack or work on the honey-due list. H showed a video (one of the links on his sheet) on how the sun works and how it affects our propagation.

December – Annual Awards Banquet on December 6 at the Longhorn BBQ in Airway Heights.