All amateur radio operators interested in DXing and contesting are invited to join the organization. Membership dues of $20 are due on January 1 for the year, but prorated into the year. Renewals of existing members are also due at the same time, but are not prorated.

DXCC MEMBERSHIP is open to those licensed amateur radio operators who state on the membership application they hold an ARRL DX Century Club (DXCC) membership or the equivalent or have achieved such. The current officers will review the applicant that they show genuine interest in meeting the intent of the purpose of the club.

NON-DXCC MEMBERSHIP shall be granted to those stating on the membership application they are genuinely involved in DXing, DX contesting, or HF operations and will continue the process of contacting additional entities and collecting the confirmations or in operating contests in a consistent manner. Non-DXCC members will attain DXCC Membership upon providing proof of obtaining the DXCC award or it’s equivalent.

Both DXCC members and non-DXCC members have full voting rights.

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP is where two or more members or applicants, each meeting the criteria of a DXCC or Non-DXCC Member, reside in the same household. One amateur pays Regular annual dues, and all other amateurs who are Family Members and are residing at the same household are eligible for family membership and annual dues payable at 50% of the dues for Full Members.

Dues will be waived for any member less than 19 years of age.

Use this link for our membership application:


As a convenience to our members, we now offer a Paypal option for paying your dues. You can read more about this on this page.