SDXA Brochure

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019

Brochure is available at this


The email address for any officer can be found on the Officers page next to their photo.

The address for Association mail is:

Spokane DX Association (SDXA)
13010 S Short Rd
Cheney, WA 99004


Our main activities are:

Working DX, getting those “numbers” up
Monthly Meetings
ARRL Field Day
Summer Picnic
Using a Google Group for internal communications
Annual Awards Banquet in December
Support of annual Spokane Hamfest in September
Helping each other with installations, problems, antenna parties, etc.
Sponsorship of two contesting plaques: Salmon Run & 7QP
Major sponsor of Spokane based PNW DX convention every four years
Informative programs each month including guest speakers


The purpose of this Spokane, WA based Association is to bring together those radio amateurs interested in the serious endeavor of working DX and DX contesting, to enhance the DXCC totals of the members, to promote good DX operating practices, and to enjoy the fellowship of like minded individuals. Visitors with an interest in DXing and/or contesting shall be welcome at meetings.

We communiate through this website, our Google Group (at http://groups.google.com/group/sdxa), emailings, and monthly meetings or events.


The Spokane DX Association is an ARRL affiliated club. We proudly exhibit the ARRL logo on our pages.

To become an affiliated club, our group met the ARRL club requirements:

— At least 51% of your voting membership must be full or associate ARRL members.

— At least 51% of your voting membership must be licensed amateurs.

— You must have a club constitution.

— Your club’s goals must not conflict in any way with the goals of the ARRL.

Per the ARRL, once your club is affiliated, it remains affiliated. To stay actively affiliated, we must complete and submit an Annual Report at least once a year. Our club’s status will be changed to inactive should 2 years go by without our submission of an Annual Report. Our club can return to active status at any time by simply completing and submitting an Annual report.



Following is a very brief summary of the formation of the Spokane DX Association in 2001 and 2002:

In June 2001, a random group of 20 or so retired local hams met for breakfast at Rosauers Restaurant at the Y (near North Division and Holland) in Spokane on Monday mornings. The group included the ARRL Eastern Washington Section Manager, Kyle Pugh (KA7CSP), who provided an excellent sounding board for local information. There were also three new DXers and contesters to the Spokane area: Dan Hearn (N5AR), Gary Elliott (K7OX), and LaMar Ray (W9LT / WA7LT). Each had moved to the area to be with children in the 1999 / 2000 time frame, and each reminisced about the old serious clubs left behind (Lone Star DX Association, North Texas Contest Club, Central Arizona DX Association, and Potomac Valley Radio Club).

In the opinion of these three, the previous attempts at a DX club had failed, become inactive, or did not satisfy their personal needs. These included the Eastern Washington Amateur Radio Group, Eastern Washington DX Club, Spokane DX Association, and Inland Empire DX Association. Further, it seemed there were a few more local individuals who wanted a more serious DX club. At the urging of K7OX and N5AR, WA7LT took a very early stab at writing a solicitation for others with a serious interest. This first written material dates to November 7, 2001. Discussions of the club purpose included contesting versus DXing; it was decided contesting was too limited, and that almost all contesters were also DXers, so it was decided we should promote a DX club. After much discussion and procrastination, and a little discussion with other local DXers, the original three decided to proceed. A second draft document for possible circulation was drawn up on February 20, 2002. Finally, after much editing, a final informational document was produced which included the announcement that a suitable organizational meeting was to take place at noon on Saturday, March 16, 2002. It was circulated by any and all means available, including an abbreviated version circulated via the Eastern Washington ARRL Members Only Web Site.

At the organizational meeting with 29 in attendance, it was announced this was to be called the Spokane DX Association and would be targeted at serious DXers. All present were asked to state their interest(s) and a completed questionnaire was requested from each for follow up. The meeting was moderated by K7OX, and notes were recorded by WA7LT. At the conclusion, six volunteers (AA7RT, K7OX, K7TQ, N5AR, W6AEA, and WA7LT) were appointed to get the club in motion: prepare a constitution, investigate ARRL affiliation, establish the next meeting, etc.

The rest is history, and the first meeting of the Spokane DX Association took place April 11, 2002 at 7:00 PM.

C. LaMar Ray, WA7LT
April 11, 2002