January —– Lamar WA7LT gave a presentation on the great multi-multi contest stations of the era when he was very younger. It was entitled: “When Giants Walked the Bands.” A big thanks to Lamar for the presentation on the biggest contest stations well before the stations now of K3LR and W3LPL

February —– Dan N5AR presented a program on AMPLIFIERS and what to look for in your purchase. Also, he covered a recent group purchase of ferrite cores and showed some of the multi-turns of small diameter coax around the circular cores for increased inductance.

March —– Chris WX7B presented a program on the installation of his tower and antennas.

April —–

May —–

June —–

July —– Summer Picnic at home of Kirk K7EKM

August —– The program was by W0CG, Geoff, on the WRTC 2010 event in Moscow, Russia in July. He was an
observer for the R36O station.

September —– the program was a video on the K4M Midway Atoll DXpedition.

October —– The program was WA1PMA, Wayne, doing a live demo on the VE7CC application to work the DX cluster and how it can be used in logging programs and more.

November —– The program was a 30 minute DVD on TY1MS, Mercy Ships to Benin (West Africa).

December —– Awards Banquet