Tape On Antenna Hose Clamps – by Dan, N5AR

I bought several yagi antennas at the W7BUD (SK) sale. All of the elements had tape wrappings over the hose clamps on the element joints. I assumed that Bud did that to prevent moisture from entering the joints.

I recently lowered my Mosely 2el 40 which was mounted over my 6 el 20. The 20 uses Dacron rope horizontal and vertical trusses. The 40m elements snagged repeatedly on the 20 trusses. Thinking about this later I concluded that Bud did the tape wrap to smooth the contour at the hose clamps to prevent snagging on other beams in his stacks or on guy wires. I mentioned this on the Tower Talk reflector and it seemed that many did not know about this tip, but planned to use it in the future. I also plan to do this.


73, Dan, N5AR