DX Nets – by Dan, N5AR

There are a certain number of DX stations who prefer to operate only on DX nets. These are usually operators who have little or no experience in handling pileups. Sometimes an individual, whose work will take him to a rare spot, will rush to take the ham exam so he can keep in contact with his homeland. He obviously will have no pileup experience. Some can only operate simplex. If you want to work that station, you must go to a DX net. The DX purist would rather work his DX in a competitive situation but we can always pick up the country later that way if the opportunity comes. One such station is VK0M on McQuarie island, a rather rare DXCC entity. He has indicated he may appear on one of these nets. Southern Cross DX net on 14239 kHz at 1100z, the W7PHO net on 14245 kHz at 1400z, the ANSA net on 14183 kHz at 0515z and the 247 net on 14247 kHz at 2100z.

DX nets are SSB only, to the best of my knowledge. If you want to try out the DX nets, here are 2 tips.

  1. Listen to the net for a while to determine their mode of operation and see what DX is available. Most listmasters take a list of stations who wish to work the DX then call them, one by one to call the DX.
  2. Be sure you turn your beam to the listmaster to get on the list, then, toward the DX station.

73, Dan, N5AR