2023 SDXA Election of Officers

Saturday, November 12th, 2022

The Spokane DX Association November 3rd elected a new club president, Randy Foltz K7TQ. Randy has served as president previously and as chair or co-chair for four PNW DX Conventions. He is also a frequent contributor to the Spokane DX YouTube channel.

The other three SDXA Officers were returned to office on a unanimous vote:

  • Mel Ming N7GCO as Vice President and program planner.
  • John Gager K7KB as treasurer.
  • Jay Holcomb WA0WW as secretary.

The club is fortunate to have a large group of additional leaders and activity teams as well:

  • Club Log – Pat Murphy (N7UVH)
  • Contesting – Jay Holcomb (WA0WWW)
  • DXing Emphasis –Bob Hallock (K7TM), Mike Buettner (K7STO), & Mel Ming (N7GCO)
  • DX Awards – (100 Country Club & Challenge Award) — Mike Buettner (K7STO)
  • DX Net – Pat Murphy (N7UVH)
  • Field Day – Jim Monroe (N7ESU), Bob Hallock (K7TM), & Pat Murphy (N7UVH)
  • Finance Investment Team – John Gager (K7KB), Gary Swartout (K7GS), Del Morissette (WA7AQH)
  • Health and Welfare of Members – Gary Swartout (K7GS)
  • Historian – Steve Sala (K7AWB)
  • Hybrid Meetings – Brandon Childs (W7BKS)
  • K7SDX Trustee – Mike Buettner (K7STO)
  • Membership – John Gager (K7KB)
  • Million Point Club – Randy Foltz (K7TQ)
  • New HF Mentoring – Del Morissette (WA7AQH)
  • Pre-Zoom meeting hosts –– Pat Murphy (N7UVH), Del
  • Morissette (WA7AQH), & Jeff Banke (NZ2S)
  • QSL Card Checker — Gary Bytnar (AD7XG)
  • Spokane Hamfest – Jay Halcomb (WA0WWW)
  • Spokane DX YouTube Channel – Mel Ming (N7GCO)
  • Technical – Gary Swartout (K7GS), Jeff Banke (NZ2S) & Bob Zavrel (W7SX)
  • Webmasters – John Gager (K7KB), Mel Ming (N7GCO), & Del Morissette (WA7AQH)