New to HF

“New to HF” Seminar

The SDXA offers a “Getting into HF” seminar after each General License Class in Spokane area. Del (WA7AQH) leads this program.

The Workshop covers:

  1. Why Get into HF, at all?
  2. How does HF differ from VHF/UHF?
  3. Equipment needed for Getting into HF?
    1. Antenna options and recommendations
    2. Radios options and recommendations
    3. Power Supplies guidelines
    4. Computer Logging software examples
    5. Computer Spotting software examples
  4. Sample Getting Started
  5. Questions and Answers

An extensive handout is made available.

The Workshop is FREE.

Instructors: Del (WA7AQH) and Mel (N7GCO)

You can download the PowerPoint and handout used if you would like to see them.

Link to Powerpoint Getting Started in HF 6

Link to handout Getting into HF 6

Link to Mentors/Elmers Elmer Resource Page