New SDXA Club Log Administrator

Friday, January 3rd, 2020

We all have enjoyed and recognized the features of Club Log as a valuableĀ resource.

For several years the SDXA Club Log Administrator has been Chuck Williams (KI7DG). Chuck has done a fantastic job of helping SDXA members become active on Club Log and provided monthly reports on our progress for club meetings. Chuck is also the author of a great article on the SDXA Website at this
ClubLog 101 LINK that I would encourage everyone to read.

Chuck (KI7DG) at his station

Chuck has felt now was time to pass the barton on the leadership of ClubLog. He will continue to serve as a second administrator, riding along as assistant to the new administrator.

Murf (N7UVH)

President Gary (AD7XG) has appointed Patrick Murphy “Murf” N7UVH as the new SDXA Club Log Administrator. Murf is a very active DXer and will do a great job leading the use of Club Log for the SDXA.