The Flounder Cup

As explained in the September meeting, the IDXA and SDXA has a difficult time competing with our DX brothers of Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland. We have always just “floundered” about trying to compete with those big guns but come home empty handed when it comes time for the PNW Challenge Cup presentation. So in the spirit of a friendly and fun competion, after having dinner with Rob Fanfant, and officers of IDXA/SDXA, The Flounder Cup was created by Randy Foltz – K7TQ as a local trophy that we can compete for.

The first presentation of the Flounder Cup was at the September 5th meeting of the SDXA with our club winning the trophy for this year. The IDXA won the “Per Participant” category and certificate.

Randy (K7TQ) created a nice .pdf file (Acrobat) about the Flounder Cup and the link is below:

Flounder Cup

So lets see who wins the award for next year!

These reports are provided by Randy (K7TQ) from the IDXA after each contest.

Here are the results after the fourth contest this year. FlounderCupJan January 2020