Friday, January 4th, 2019

Speaker Jim Fenstermaker K9JF talks about the reemergence of Kosovo as a ham radio nation.

Mark Van Winkle K7HPT shows off his award certificate for working all ten contests in the 2017-2018 PNW Challenge Cup. He was the only member to do this.

Looks like the start to eating. The man with clasped hands in the background is Spokane’s own ham radio author Bob Zavrel W7SX. His book entitled Antenna Physics: An Introduction is available at both the ARRL and Amazon.

Plate are clean; looks like an end to the eating period.

Mel Ming N7GCO received a certificate for the highest total score in the PNW Challenge Cup among SDXA members.

Gary Swartout K7GS received a plaque from the SDXA for the highest score in the low power, single operator, EWA Section, Mixed mode category.