Introduction to Contesting

This “Introduction to Contesting” presentation was given on Zoom September 16, 2020. Here is a PDF of the presentation:

Contest Workshop 2020

Here is a handout on the language of contesting:

The Language of Contesting

Here is a handout on how to set up “Contest Online Score Board”:


Station Notebooks

Your station is one-of-kind. You need a notebook that shows how you have put it together. What connects to what?  It shows the evolution of your station. Here is where you capture important details about your station for future reference.  Whenever you add a piece of equipment, wire a gadget, note a problem, or fix a problem write it down.

I recommend you develop two notebooks:

  • “Station Notebook”
  • “Resource & Reference Notebook”

Handout: Station Notebooks

6 Meter Mod to SteppIR

John (K7KB)  made the GM3SEK’s 6 meter MOD to his SteppIR antenna. This mod adds a a new reflector as well as the extra director, making it a four element yagi on 6 meters.

Here is a link to the modification instructions:


Modifications to Astron Power Supply

Jeff (NZ2S) has made a number of modifications to Astron Power Supplies. Check out Jeff’s description of his updates.

Modifications to Astron 50A PSU


Icom 7100 Automated Logging to Amateur Contact Log when using WSJT-X and JTAlert

David Oglesby (N7LL) has created an excellent guide to using “Icom 7100 Automated Logging to Amateur Contact Log when using WSJT-X and JTAlert”. It is well written and illustrated. If you are using the Icom 7100, you will find it very helpful.

Here is the link to the Guide Automating logging IC-7100 ACLog WSJT-X JTAlert


CC User & VE7CC Spotting Guide

Gary (K7GS) and Mel (N7GCO) created a Spotting Guide to “CC User” and VE7CC. This is a great tool for finding DX stations.

We encourage you to download it and keep it handy in your shack

Download the guide here:

CC User

DX Summit Guide

Chuck (Ki7DG) and Mel (N7GCO) has created a Spotting Guide to “DX Summit”. This is a great tool for finding DX stations.

We encourage you to download it and keep it handy in your shack.

Download the guide here:

DX Summit Guide KI7DG & N7GCO

New to HF

“New to HF” Seminar

The SDXA offers a “Getting into HF” seminar after each General License Class in Spokane area. Del (WA7AQH) leads this program.

The Workshop covers:

  1. Why Get into HF, at all?
  2. How does HF differ from VHF/UHF?
  3. Equipment needed for Getting into HF?
    1. Antenna options and recommendations
    2. Radios options and recommendations
    3. Power Supplies guidelines
    4. Computer Logging software examples
    5. Computer Spotting software examples
  4. Sample Getting Started
  5. Questions and Answers

An extensive handout is made available.

The Workshop is FREE.

Instructors: Del (WA7AQH) and Mel (N7GCO)

You can download the PowerPoint and handout used if you would like to see them.

Link to Powerpoint Getting Started in HF 6

Link to handout Getting into HF 6

Link to Mentors/Elmers Elmer Resource Page

DX Expedition Card From Bob K7TM


  1. Fill out one card for each upcoming DX Expedition.
  2. Mark out all previously confirmed contacts
  3. Add the frequencies they will be using beside band and mode

Link to download master you can use to print your own: DX Expedition CARD #3- 2 per page

Elmer’s Resource Page

The members of the SDXA are available to help. Many have skills in particular areas. Here is a link to our current Elmer’s

If you would like to be added to the Elmer’s Resource Page, please let Mel (N7GCO) know.


SDXA Beginnings – by Lamar WA7LT



What Logging Program To Use – by Chuck KI7DG


SDXA Logging Programs – by Chuck KI7DG


The PJ2T Contest Station In The May, 2018 Issue Of CQ Magazine – by Geoff Howard W0CG/PJ2DX


Shooting Yourself (and Everyone Else) in the Foot by Kip Edwards W6SZN

Calling Technique – by Dan, N5AR

DX Nets – by Dan, N5AR

50th Birthday of PJ2T in Curacao

PJ2T Article: the Organizational Nuts and Bolts of PJ2T


Contesting Scores – by Wayne, WA1PMA

How To Ensure Our SDXA Gets Credit In Contest Club Competition – by Steve, K7AWB


Inactive To Active In Club Log – by Chuck KI7DG

ClubLog 101 Operation – by Chuck KI7DG