Members in good standing are listed with call letters and first names. Silent Key members are also shown as a separate list below (and there is a separate section for our Silent Keys, under The Association on the right side of the Home page). Honorary members are listed separately too. To view members’ pages on, click on their calls; some silent keys no longer have a site.

Members are reminded that allows each licensed ham to have a full page of text and pictures to show off their antennas, station, dog, whatever and to describe their journey into ham radio, their station equipment, their bibliography, etc. Members are encouraged to use as a personal web page. Digital photos are uploaded there as files.

(List updated by K7KB on Dec. 19th, 2020)

Those who have paid dues for 2021 & beyond are marked in parenthesis

AA6TQ Gordon (2021)
AA7RT Mary
AC7MV David
AD7FO Jack (2021)
AD7QJ Harold (2021 & 2022)
AD7XG Gary (2021)
AD7XG-xyl Svetlana (2021)
AE7GT Marybeth
AF7WH Dale (2021)
AG7IG Mike (2021)
AG7QP Frank (2021)
AI7CR Josh (2021)

K0NG Peter (2021)
K7AWB Steve (2021)
K7GS Gary (2021)
K7HPT Mark (2021)
K7KB John (2021)
K7STO Mike (2021)
K7TM Bob (2021, 2022, & 2023)
K9JF Jim
KB7BEK Catherine (2021)
KC7TTM Cleo (2021)
KC7UG Tom (2021)
KD7GHZ Mike (2021)
KF7PBM Joe (2021)
KG6MTC Ted (2021)
KI7DG Chuck (2021)
KJ7IEA Peter (2021)
KJ7QEX Jason (2021)
KK9HAM Albin (2021 & 2022)
KQ7C Sarah (2021, 22, and 23!)

N7AU Bob
N7CXI Jim (2021)
N7ESU Jim (2021)
N7GCO Mel (2021 & 2022)
N7KR Mike
N7MA Mark
N7QT Rob (2021 & 2022)
N7SJM Scott (2021)
N7UVH Pat (2021)
NC1P Vince
NH7S Calvin (2021)
NZ2S Jeff (2021 & 2022)

W0CG/PJ2DX Geoff (2021, 2022, & 2023)
W3AS Doug
W6WBO Steve (2021)
W7BHP Dick
W7CD John
W7GSV Robert (2021)
W7MEM Mark (2021)
W7PEG Peggy (2021)
W7SX Bob
W7TG Tom (2021)
W7UJ Ed (2021)
WA0WWW Jay (2021)
WA7AQH Del (2021 & 2022)
WA7F David
WA7TNT David (2021 & 2022)
WB7UNU Lynn (2021)
WS7I Jay (2021)
WU7X Dale (2021)
WX7B Chris (2021)
WX7DX Karl (2021)
WX7P Janet (2021, 22, and 23!)


JA3CZY Elvin
K7EFX John
NE7F Jim
WA1PMA Wayne
W6AEA George

SILENT KEY LISTING – former members of the SDXA

AC7GP Bob……..silent key
K7EFB Bill……….silent key
K7OX Gary………silent key
KD7OCT Loren…..silent key
KS7C Don………silent key
N5AR Dan………..silent key
N7ER Earl………..silent key
W7BUD Bud……..silent key
W7OW Pete………silent key
W7YEM Warren…..silent key
WA7LT Lamar…..silent key
WX7P Wilse………silent key

NOTE: although I try to make sure everyone that is a paid member gets on our club membership list,
there is a chance I may miss someone. Please let me know at if I have missed your name for the list and I’ll get it added ASAP.