SDXA Past Presidents

Year Name Call
2002 Gary Elliott K7OX
2003 Gary Elliott K7OX
2004 Randy Foltz K7TQ
2005 Randy Foltz K7TQ
2006 Stephen Sala K7AWB
2007 Lamar Ray WA7LT – (8 months)
2007 Gary Elliott K7OX – (4 months)
2008 Gary Elliott K7OX
2009 Gary Elliott K7OX
2010 Kirk Mohror K7EKM
2011 Wayne Millican WA1PMA
2012 Wayne Millican WA1PMA
2013 Wayne Millican WA1PMA
2014 Chris Pritchard WX7B
2015 Chris Pritchard WX7B
2016 Chris Pritchard WX7B
2017 Chris Pritchard WX7B
2018 Randy Crews W7TJ – (3 months)
2018 Gary Bytnar AD7XG – (9 months)
Gary Bytnar
Randy Foltz








President Gary K7OX receives outgoing President’s award for commanding the ship in 2008 and 2009.








President Randy Foltz K7TQ busy working a contest.

sdxa 2015 banquet 053
President Steve Sala K7AWB receives the President’s Award at the 2015 Awards Banquet for his maintenance of the SDXA website.

President Lamar Ray WA7LT receives the 2014 SDXA-sponsored Salmon Run plaque for highest score as a Single Operator, in the EWA ARRL Section, in the Mixed Mode, running Low Power.

President Kirk Mohror K7EKM with his great smile!








President Wayne WA1PMA smiles as he just worked that rare one.








President Chris Pritchard WX7B (left) presenting an award to former President Lamar Ray WA7LT.








President Randy Crews as he leads a SDXA meeting








President Gary Bytnar running a monthly SDXA meeting AND checking QSL cards.