October 1, 2020

John Gager (K7KB) — “Everything You Wanted to Know About Ham Radio Deluxe But Were Afraid to Ask”


John will lead us on a deep dive into the features and options of HRD.

Highlights of September 3rd meeting

Rob Fanfant (N7QT)  — So Orkney Island (VP8) DXpedition (President of WWDXC)

Rob shared an outstanding program on the South Orkney DXpedition. DXpedition was from Feb. 21, 2020 through March 5, 2020.  South Orkney Island is currently #16 most wanted on Clublog.  The previous Dxpedition was in 2011.

Highlights of August 6, 2020 Meeting

Grant Saviers (KZ1W) — DXpedition to Temotu Province

Grant KZ1W and Rob N7QT activated H40 on Pigeon Island, next to Lomlom Island in the Santa Cruz Island chain. Grant will provide us with a travelogue on his and Rob’s DXpedition to rainy Temotu Province this past November (H40TT).

The operation was 10 through 160m CW/SSB/FT8/RTTY. 

They were issued two calls H40TT (Rob) & H40KT (Grant), and have been authorized to operate as H40TT for both stations.



Highlights of the July 2, 2020 SDXA meeting

Topic: Antenna Analyzer Review and training

Speaker: Jeff Banke (NZ2S) Don’t you love the James Bond look?

A look at these analyzers and software and how to use them.

  •     RigExpert AA-600
  •     RigExpert AA-55
  •     AntScope 2
  •     NanoVNA
  •     NanoVna Saver
  •     MFJ269Pro-c

There will also be a short presentation on “Keeping a Station Binder” by  Mel Ming (N7GCO)

Highlights of June 4, 2020 SDXA MEETING

Randy Thompson (K5ZD) –  How to be a better single operator

Randy Thompson, K5ZD, has been licensed and active in contesting since 1973 at age 13. He is an accomplished contester, having multiple single-operator wins in the ARRL Sweepstakes, CQ World Wide DX Contest, and the CQ WPX Contest, among others.

Randy is a past editor of the “National Contest Journal” (a post he has held three separate times) and a co-founder of the website. He was the Director of the CQ WPX Contest 2008-2013 and the Director of the CQ World Wide DX Contest 2013-2016.

Randy is a member of the CQ Magazine Contest Hall of Fame. He has competed in five World Radiosport Team Championships and is a member of the organizing committee for WRTC2014. When not in front of a radio, Randy is in the office of CTO for a large computer company.

He is obviously a world-class single-operator contester.

Highlights of May 7, 2020 SDXA Meeting

Speaker: Carl Luetzelschwab (K9LA)

Topic: Propagation for DX

Carl has contributed many articles to the various Amateur Radio publications on propagation. He is a frequent speaker on this topic at Dayton and Visalia.

He and his wife Vicky AE9YL like to travel, and have operated from Syria (YK9A in 2001), Market Reef (OJ0 in 2002) and the Cayman Islands (many trips over the years). Carl is a retired RF design engineer.

Highlights of April 2, 2020 SDXA Meeting

This was our first meeting entirely on Zoom as a result of the CoVid-19 Pandemic. We had 32 people participate in the meeting
Our guest speakers was Al Rovner (K7AR) on his fall 2019 Micronesia DXpedition
Al shared about his equipment, the locations and results. He also gave insights into how to do a personal DXpedition.

Al is a veteran of many contest trips to the Caribbean, Europe, the Pacific and Asia.

He holds Top Of The Honor Roll – 1 (North Korea).


Highlights of the March 5, 2020 SDXA Meeting

Bob Zavrel (W7SX) – Low band antennas

Bob shared about 4 low band receive antennas: K9AY, Beverages, Double Delta Loop, and a modernized four square.

Bob is the author of the ARRL book “Antenna Physics: An Introduction.” He is a noted antenna designer and accomplished the DXCC Honor Roll with only tree-supported wire antennas.

Bob is the SDXA Technical adviser. Bob is building a new antenna farm north of Spokane.

Highlights of the February 6, 2020 SDXA Meeting


  1. 3830 Contest Reports — Pat (Murf) Murphy (N7UVH) — The best way to report contest scores.
  1. Spotting Programs

Bob Hallock (K7TM) — w6rk county hunting/parks on the air/QSO party spots

Gary Swartout (K7GS) — CC User

Chuck Williams (KI7DG) — DX Summit

Highlights of the January 2, 2020 SDXA Meeting

“6 Meter DXing”

Mark McMillan (W7MEM) 
Mark has 11 band DXCC, with over 163 countries on 160 meters and over 107 countries on 6 meters. I am excited to learn from Mark on DXing on 6 meters. Learn how to reach more DX on 6 meters. 

Station Feature: Mark McMillan (W7MEM)

Highlights of the November 7, 2019 SDXA Meeting

Speaker: Bart Jahnke, (W9JJ)  
ARRL Radiosport and Field Services Manager
By Skype

TOPIC: “Maximizing LoTW”

Using LoTW effectively

  1. How to verify what countries, modes, and bands you have worked? And Not worked?
  2. How to check your status for various awards?
  3. How to apply for the various awards?
  4. How to quickly see your LoTW progress?
  5. And other hints for using LoTW?

Photos by Jeff Banks

Elections: All SDXA Officers were re-elected

Highlights of the October 3, 2019 SDXA Meeting

Speaker: Bob Hallock, K7TM

Bob shared a number of excellent Hints and Tips

  1. DXpedition Card. Bob developed a card for keeping track of DXpeditions. This is a fabulous tool for keeping on top of all needed DXpeditions and new countries.
  2. Spotting Networks. Bob demonstrated using four Spotting networks very effectively.
  3. Bob shared about his experiences at Quartzite.
  4. Mobile setup and Activating Counties. Bob has activated every county in Idaho, Washington and Montana, plus many in Wyoming, Utah and California. He shared his outstanding mobile setup.
  5. Station overview. You will get a chance to look over Bob’s station and antenna farm. He uses wire antennas very effectively.

Highlights of the September 5, 2019 meeting

Our speaker was Mike Ritz (W7VO), the NW ARRL Director.

Mike presented two mini seminars:
1. “Behind the Curtain: Inside the ARRL Boardroom” — Mike showed what actually happens during an ARRL Board meeting, how it’s organized, and the special role that Vice Directors play in the process.
2. “Using An SDR To Identify Noise In The Shack” — Mike demonstrated how to use one of the cheap SDR’s to identify specific noise in your shack and area.


Photos by Bob Hallock

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Rob Fanfant (N7QT) Rob is very active in DXpeditions and is president of the Western Washington DX Club

“Ducie Island 2018 DXpedition VP6D”
Ducie Island, a rarely visited island atoll, has been part of the Pitcairn Islands since 1902, there are no permanent inhabitants.
Ducie became a DXCC country on November 2001. It was great to hear all about this very successful DXpedition and one of the first to aggressively use FT8. This DXpedition was awarded the Best DXpedition of the year award at Friedrichshafen.

Rob Fanfant N7QT (Jeff Banke Photo)

Crowd attending (Jeff Banke Photo)

Ducie Island Team

DXpedition of the Year Award


Brian Moran N9ADG (N7GCO photo)

Part of the SDXA audience (N7GCO photo)

Brian Moran (N9ADG) Editor of the ARRL Contest Journal, did an outstanding presentation on “ARRL Sweepstakes from the Pacific Northwest

He is part of Team K7IR which has been competing in the Sweepstakes Multi-operator category for a number of years, and has earned the top spot a few times. Brian shared about the appeal of this contest, some of the things they’ve learned positively and negatively, and some techniques that apply. His winsome presentation made everyone want to be part of such a fun team. Brian clearly demonstrated how you can be competitive and still have fun at the same time. He also shared several needed technics if you are going to operate as a multi-station.

Per Mel VP N7GCO, “We are very privileged to have Brian speak at our club. He is a wonderful ham who has mentored many DXers. He designed the receive antennas used on the Ducie DXpedition. He is honestly one of the most effective hams I have ever known.”


Regular monthly meetings are usually alternated between Spokane County Libraries, and are always at 7:00PM the first Thursday of the month.


North Spokane Library

44 E. Hawthorne Road
Spokane, WA 99218
phone: 893-8350
A Spokane County library


To get to the site, from I-90, go north on Division/Ruby (US-395 & US-2) until the two highways split (just over 6 miles). Stay left on Division (US-395, left at the “Y” split) to the second traffic light (first Country Homes, then Hawthorne) and turn right (east) onto Hawthorne. The library is one block east of Division; the entrance is on the south side of the building.


Spokane Valley Library

12004 E. Main Avenue
Spokane Valley, WA 99206 (behind Sprague Avenue Chase Bank)
phone: 893-8400
A Spokane County library



Argonne Library

4322 N. Argonne Road
Spokane, WA 99212
phone: 893-8260
a Spokane County library



Otis Orchards Library

22324 E. Wellesley Avenue
Otis Orchards, WA 99027 (just east of Harvard and Wellesley)
Phone: 893‐8390
A Spokane County library



Airway Heights library

1213 S Lundstron St
Airway Heights, WA 99001
phone: 509.893.8250
A Spokane County Library