June 6, 2024 on Zoom — 6:30 PM Social Time; 7:00 PM Program

“End-Fed Half-Wave” by Steve Dick K1RF

Steve is an electrical engineering manager who retired from Northrop Grumman.

His interests include amateur radio circuit design and construction, kit construction, low band operating, and software defined radio.




2024 SDXA Programs

  • January –“Operating Techniques: Tips & Tricks, and KL9A Station updates” with Chris Hurlbut KL9A
  • February — H44WA Solomon Islands DXpedition” with Robin Amunbson WA7CPA
  • March — Gary Sutcliffe, W9XT, Low Band Receive Antennas
  • April — H4ØWA  Temotu DXpedition with Jay Lopes AC7DC
  • May – Station Design and How it Works for Contesting and DXing with Craig Thompson K9CT

 2023 SDXA Programs

  • January — DXpedition to Palau (T88WA) With Rob Fanfant N7QT (Zoom)
    • The team includes N7QT Rob, WA7CPA Robin, N7JP Jack, N9ADG Brian and K5EM Justin. Rob and Robin are both also members of the SDXA.
  • February — Three mini-presentations (Zoom)
    • 1-How to improve weak signal FT8 Reception with Rob Fanfant N7QT
      2-Silent Key Estate Planning with Mel Ming N7GCO
      3-Reflections on CW Ops with Dale AveryWU7X
  • March – Field Day 6A – Mike & Key Style with Michael Dinkelman (Z00m)
  • April — SDXA Connection Dinner
  • May — Practical Hints and Tools and Field Day Planning (Hybrid)
    • 1. Practical Hints with Mike Buettner K7STO
      2. Field Day Planning with the Idaho Renegades
      3. World Team Radio Championship Incentive with Randy K7TQ
  • June — YJ0A Dxpedition with Al K7AR & Bob W7YAQ
  • July – Picnic
  • August – World Radio Team Championship & IARU Report with Geoff PJ2DX
  • September – Improving your  Audio with Mike Daskalopoulos KJ6MIC
  • October — Awards Dinner
  • November – Officers Elections (planned program didn’t happen)
  • December – Base Station Automation Techniques & Recommendations, with Bob Wilson N6TV

2022 SDXA Programs

  • January — “Hot DX from Baker Island” with John Miller K6MM
  • February — Everything You Need to Know About USB and Serial Interfaces with Bob Wilson N6TV
  • March — “Planning Your First DXpedition” with Al Rovner K7AR
  • April — “Rebuilding Your Ham Shack after a Fire” with Dave Ellison W7UUU
  • May — Four Antenna Related Products/Recommendations by Mel Ming N7GCO & Del Morissette WA7AQH
  • June — Receive Antennas by Mark Bauman KB7GF
  • July — PNW DX Convention Preparation with Randy K7TQ & Mel N7GCO and
  • DX Spotting Tool by Mel N7GCO
  • August – PNW DX Convention
  • September — Activating entities in the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument (PRIMNM) By Don Greenbaum N1DG
  • October — Insights from the Idaho Renegades with Bob K7TM, Jim N7ESU & Pat N7UVH
  • November — “Station Grounding” with Grant Saviers KZ1W
  • December – Awards Program

2019 SDXA Programs


  • January — “Station Audio” with Del Morissette WA7AQH
  • February – “Antenna Modeling Orientation” with Bob Zavrel W7SX
  • March 2019 — “Operation Salmon Run in the Field” with Mike Buettner K7STO & Woody Jacobson N7HCJ
  • April 2019 — Home Brewing and Station Accessories
    • Gary Swartout (K7GS) Shared a number of his wonderful home Brewed equipment
    • Bob Lee (N7AU) Showed his designed and built Crank up Tower Pushing Tool
    • David Wilhelm (WA7TNT) Showed how to add the SDXA Logo to Your QRZ Page
    • Mel Ming (N7GCO) Showed a couple of Voice Keyers, Card to control your Rotators and PSTRotatorAZ, a  Rotator Control Program
  • April 2019 Saturday Workshop – “Antenna Modeling: EZNEC” with Bob Zavrel W7SX
  • May 2019 — Show and Tell
    • John Gager (K7KB) showed a “Serial rotor control box”
    • Mike Buettner (K7STO) showed his “NON-Tennis Ball Antenna Launcher”
    • Harold Hepner (AD7QJ) showed his “Tennis Ball Antenna Launcher”
    • Bob Hallock (K7TM) showed his “Antenna Launcher #3”
    • David Wilhelm (WA7TNT) showed his “Icom AH-4 Modification”
    • Mel Ming (N7GCO) showed an introduction to FT4
  • June — “ARRL Sweepstakes from the Pacific Northwest” with Brian Moran N9ADG
  • July– “Ducie Island 2018 DXpedition VP6D” with Rob Fanfant N7QT
  • August – SDXA Summer Picnic
  • September — “Using  and SDR To Identify Noise In The Shack” and “Behind the Curtain: Inside the ARRL Boardroom” with Mike Ritz W7VO
  • October – Hints for DXing with Bob Hallock K7TM
  • November — “Maximizing LoTW” with Bart Jahnke W9JJ
  • December – SDXA Awards Dinner

2018 SDXA Programs

  • .
    January – “low band transmitting antennas 40-80-160 using EZNEC” with Bob Zavrel W7SX
  • February – “Mellish Reef DXpedition” with Rob Fanfant N7QT
  • March – “Tools for DXing” with Mel Ming N7GCO
  • April – “First Time DXpedition Experience” with Bengt-Erik Norum K7ADD
  • May – “80 & 160 meter four square receive antennas” with Bob Zavrel W7SX
  • Station Tour – Chris WX7B
  • June – J5T DXpedition to Guinea Bissau in Africa.
  • July – “Using FT8” with Rob Fanfant N7QT
  • August – Summer Picnic at Shadle Park
  • September – “RTTY Contesting” with Randy Foltz K7TQ
  • October – “PJ2T station’s big anniversary” with Geoff Howard W0CG
  • November – “Contesting” with Chris Hurlbut KL9A
  • WRTC 2014 Gold Medalists N6MJ, KL9A
  • December – Awards Dinner and Jim Fenstermaker K9JF  on ham radio in Kosovo