January —- the program was Lynn N2HS showing what all it took to get his tower and antenna going.
designed and up.

February —- the program was Bob AC7GP and his wow trip to Z2 land (Zimbabwe).

March —- the program was by Dan N5AR who brought his hi‐pot tester for checking tubes, vacuum variables and vacuum relays. Kirk K7EKM also brought a service monitor to
check out member’s handhelds.

April —- Program: Lance Stafford of Leaf Communications headed an interesting discussion on towers and grounding techniques. Leaf Communications has shops in 4 west coast locations including Spokane. They specialize in the permitting and installation of communication towers and antennae including cellular. Often they have long runs of used hard‐line that they have been salvaging. It was suggested that it could be donated to the club who could hold an auction among its members. Mr. Stafford provided a positive reaction to the suggestion.

May —- Wilse WX7P gave an interesting presentation complete with photo’s of his recent trip to PJ2T. He joined a team of others to compete in the CQ WW WPX Phone contest.
Propagation was excellent. 10 M was open all night. Wilse brought home many fond memories along with a hot weather cold.

June —- TF4M Iceland video by SM7WT, presented by Lamar WA7LT.

July —- The program was by a guest speaker, K6OIK, Stephen Stearns, who was in town. Steve is a Technical Fellow of Northrop Grumman, and was here for an IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation. Steve came and spoke to us on HF Propagation and Predication.

August —- tonight was our 2nd special night in 2 months, with a guest speaker, K6EI, Jim Peterson, who was in town. The theme of the presentation was on how to get on the air and have fun on 160 meters and how to disregard many of the myths out there about Top Band. He also covered Top Band propagation and antennas. Jim typically runs QRP and works several of SDXA members each December during the ARRL 160 contest.

September —- The program was a video on the E4X Palestine DXpedition.

October —- The program was a video on the FT5GA DXpedition to Glorioso Island (in French).

November —- Mark KB7GF of the Wideband Loop Company gave his presentation on the Shared Apex Loop Antenna: “Introducing a New Compact Wideband Directional Receiving Antenna for HF.” Interference, both local & distant, continue to be a challenge on the HF bands. In this seminar, he introduced the “Shared Apex Loop”, a new type of compact receiving antenna. The antenna is a true time delay array that utilizes a pair of symmetrical right-triangle-shaped loops that are separated by only a few inches. The antenna provides good front-to-side & front-to-back rejection & wideband operation without adjustment. He described the theory & construction of the antenna, and showed this summer’s testing results using a 10 foot tall x 10 foot radius array on frequencies ranging from 500 KHz to 22 MHz. See http://www.widebandloop.com for more information.

December —- Annual Awards Banquet. The program was by Bob AC7GP and his updated program on his neat trip to Z2 land and his very tough
operating position.