Pac NW DX Trophy Challenge Cup Competition

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Jay WAØWWW is our representative maintaining the SDXA’s scores and submitting them to the PNW group as they occur.

There is both the tally of the SDXA members between each other (SDXA awards a certificate at the its Annual Awards Banquet for the highest total SDXA member and any SDXA member who enters and submits for all ten contests) and then the tally of the four clubs between each other.

The Ten Contests:

  #1  CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY
  #2  CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB
  #3  CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW
  #4  ARRL RTTY Roundup, RTTY
  #5  CQ WW WPX Contest, RTTY
  #6  ARRL Inter. DX Contest, CW
  #7  ARRL Inter. DX Contest, SSB
  #8  CQ WW WPX Contest, SSB
  #9  CQ WW WPX Contest, CW
  #10 IARU HF World Championship, CW/SSB


The ten-contesting event is between the leading Northwest DX and contesting clubs:

Spokane DX Association (SDXA)
Western Washington DX Club (WWDXC) – Seattle
Willamette Valley DX Club (WVDXC) – Portland
Orca DX and Contesting Club – Vancouver, BC, Canada

past results are at: id=376


The full rules are at: PNW DX Challenge Trophy Cup Rules 2022

Updated in Spokane WA on 08 August 2009
ORCA added in 2010, IDXA added 2013; Re-affirmed in Everett, WA on 11 August 2019.
BCDX and IDXA removed in 2022; Re-affirmed in Spokane, WA on 06 August 2022.


A rotating trophy is awarded to the club that scores the highest in the combination of all the ten contests each contest year. It is presented at the annual PNW DX convention which rotates among the clubs.


These are the conventions that awarded the Challenge Cup Trophy. The SDXA established their first convention in the series in 2009, followed by 2013, and in 2017 they combined resources with the IDXA based in Lewiston, ID to put on the latest event.

How many of these convention have you attended? These are the leading DX, contesting, and advanced amateur radio conventions held close to us.

48 2003 July 18-20 BCDXC Burnaby, BC
49 2004 July 16-18 WWDXC Everett, WA
50 2005 Aug 5-7 WVDXC Clackamas, OR
51 2006 July 21-22 BCDXC Burnaby, BC
52 2007 Aug 10-12 WWDXC Everett, WA
53 2008 Aug 1-3 WVDXC Clackamas, OR
54 2009 Aug 7-9 SDXA Spokane Valley, WA
55 2010 July 30-Aug 1 BCDXC Burnaby, BC
56 2011 Aug 12-14 WWDXC Everett, WA
57 2012 AUG 3-5 WVDXC Clackamas, OR
58 2013 Aug 2-4 SDXA Spokane Valley, WA
59 2014 July 25-27 ORCA New Westminister, BC
60 2015 Aug 7-9 WWDXC Everett, WA
61 2016 Aug 5-7 WVDXC Clackamas, OR
62 2017 Aug 4-6 SDXA – IDXA Spokane, WA
63 2018 Aug 3-5 ORCA New Westminister, BC
64 2019 Aug 9-11 WWDXC Everett, WA
66 2020 COVID-19
66 2021 Aug 7 WVDXC on-line
67 2022 Aug 5-7 SDXA Spokane, WA
68 2013 Aug 11-13 ORCA New Westminister, BC
69 2024 Aug WWDXC
70 2025 Aug WVDXC


Starting with the 2021-2022 contest season, a new aspects has been added to the challenge, just for SDXA.

1. Million Point Club:

= Achieve 1 million point claimed score in the ten PNW Challenge Trophy Contests.

= Award goes to everyone who reaches one million points will be list alphabetically.

= Starting 2021-2022 contest season, all who reach one million points will be given a plaque. Once you have received a plaque you will receive additional recognition in subsequent years.

= If a multi-op station, the participants decide how the points are divided.

For Two Million or more Point Achievement

= Same rules as 1 Million Point Achievement based on score

Note: Awards are for highest award achieved.