Replacing Cables And Rotator On A Crankup Tower Without Power Pulldown – by Dan, N5AR

I have replaced the cables and removed the cable pulleys, replacing the bearings in them on my UST TX472 as described below. I did it by myself and it was not a particularly difficult job. I have also replaced the rotator with the tower in the upright position. Here is what you need to do the job.

1. A 2-section extension ladder. Mine is 16 ft each section. The more overlap you have in the ladder the more stable it is. At the top of the ladder is a horizontal curved tubing device sometimes called a horn. It is sold by the same place you buy the ladder. The horn keeps the ladder from sliding off the side of the tower. The first time I climb the ladder I use a short piece of rope to tie the top of the ladder to the tower for security.

2. A piece of pipe about 6 feet long. I use 1 1/4 steel and it must be in 2 pieces joined at the middle with a coupling. This will be inserted inside the tower at the base in 2 pieces and then screwed together inside the tower base. I have found that hand tight is good enough. You cannot get a one piece pipe through the tower side.

3. Allen wrenches and end wrenches to fit the bolts holding the cable ends and the bearing bolts. If you want to replace the top section cables, bearings, or rotator, lower the tower until the bottom of the top section corner tubing rests on the end of the 2-section pipe and the top section cable will go slack allowing you to remove it and replace it with a new one. Raise the tower up until the cable is taut – then move the pipe to rest the next section on and do the same thing again.

You stand on the ladder at all times and not on the tower for safety.
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