Contesting Scores – by Wayne, WA1PMA

As most of you may have noticed the scores for these QSO Parties are all over the place. The National QSO Parties and the State QSO Parties are good places to get in and have fun. It’s a good chance to try out your station and antennas, and see just how things are going to work. If you would like to go for an award like WAS or DXCC to name a couple, this is a good place to get a good start. It also will show you the different propagation patterns that come with being on the radio for the duration of these Parties.

The main goal here is to have fun and not feel like you have to compete against the bigger stations. If you look at the pages of QST and CQ magazine, there will always be scores all over the place just like in these QSO Parties. Generally QSO Parties are considered places to have fun.

Just as in sports, there are different classes or categories of contestants. Major Leagues, Minor leagues and people out just having fun with backyard games with friends and family. Usually these lines don’t cross, but in Ham radio there are none of these divisions so easily marked out.

The purpose of my writing this is to let all SDXA members know that there should be no embarrassment in posting a low score. Everyone has responsibilities that supersede our hobbies. Each of us should be encouraged to join in and have fun and the fact of getting on and just making a few QSOs should be rewarding in and of itself.

Some seem to think you need to do better than the last time in an outing, and others just want to enjoy the fun of it. Not all will want to enter any competitive type of activitiy and that is fine also. It’s important to remember we all don’t have the same goals or standards. DX, Contesting, rag chewing are all part of getting on the Amateur bands and having fun. This hobby has many different aspects to it, but if you don’t take an active part in some way, are you really enjoying the hobby?

With the diversity in Amateur Radio, it is necessary to keep in mind we all have different wants and desires to enjoy the hobby.

Writing as your former Club President, I am just trying to say no matter how big or small a score you made, (so far mine is the smallest team score posted! HI HI), the main goal from my perspective is to have fun first.

I’m interested to hear what others think about this.

Wayne WA1PMA
June 2012