Tower & Antenna Repair for KI7DG

Thursday, April 27th, 2023

On April 27th we had a great work crew go over to Chuck’s KI7DG in Okanagan to work on his tower and antennas.

From left to right: Chuck KI7DG, Mel N7GCO, Joe KF7PBM, Mike K7STO, Bob N7AU, Scott N7SJM, Woody N7HCJ, Gary AD7XG, Diane KB7JPZ and Carol (Chuck’s XYL).

They were able to repair Chuck’s 160-meter inverted V, replace a VHF/UHF antenna, repair a multiband vertical, remove an unwanted mast, fix or replace some guy lines, and begin replacing the motor in his crank-up tower. The tower motor needed the switching system replaced and Mike K7STO and Woody N7HCJ took it home to build a new switch.

A huge thank you to all who gave the day to help get Chuck back on the air.