SDXA DXing Awards

SDXA 100 Country Club

DXCC Entities worked in the September 1 to August 31st DX Season. Every September 1st everyone starts back at zero.

  • Contacts can be any mode
  • Contacts can be on any band (6 – 160 meter)
  • Each DXCC entity can only be counted once
  • Each individual is responsible for keeping their own count
  • All who contact 100 entities will receive an award (and will be listed in Alphabetical order, not number of countries worked)
  • Additional awards for 200 and 300 entities
  • Awards will at the end of the DX Season in September.

Summary: Most DXCC countries worked each year between September 1st and August 31st. Each year everyone starts at zero.


SDXA Challenge Award

The SDXA Challenge award is for “new” DXCC bands fills between September 1st to August 31st.

  • Contacts can be any mode
  • Contacts can be on any band (6-160 meters)
  • Each DXCC entity can counted on each band once
  • Count will be based on LoTW DXCC Challenge count
  • The person with the most new band fills wins this award
  • Award is presented at the December Awards Meeting

Summary: Most “new” total DXCC band fills worked between September 1st and August 31st. This is what you add to your lifelong total. The difference between this and the ARRL Challenge Contest is that we are giving an award for the new band fills each year and the ARRL award is for total band fills lifetime. All other ARRL rules apply