New Towers for Bob N7AU & Tom KC7UG

Thursday, February 17th, 2022

Bob N7AU & Tom KC7UG Towers have new towers. The towers are US Towers HDX 589. 92 feet cranked up but 24′ 6″ cranked down and then they have the layover wench also to lay them in the horizontal position. They have an electric motor to crank up and down. These are very heavy duty towers.

Bob went down to Alabama to pick them up. In the photo you can see them on the trailer Bob picked up in Oklahoma.

Notice the wall thinkness.

Hopefully, Bob will be able to get his tower that blew over this winter taken down and his SteppIR antenna and 6-meter antennas repaired/replaced and all put back up this Spring/Summer. He is also working on his 80- meter antenna for his tall tower.