Greyline Performance HOA Flagpole Antenna

Friday, September 17th, 2021

Here are some pictures of the flagpole antenna Jon Kimball KL2A gave the SDXA.

Jeff NZ2S has been doing some testing of the antenna and reported his findings on the SDXA user group.

This is Jeff NZ2S standing beside the antenna where he has been testing it.

Here is the link to the website describing this antenna.

Jeff drove a pipe in the ground and mounted the antenna on it.

The is the external antenna tuner barrowed from Mike K7STO for testing.

If you are a SDXA members and live in a HOA area or a place with limited yard and want to try it, you can barrow it for a few months. You will want an external antenna tuner. This is the 20’ model flagpole which is permissible in just about all HOA developments.

Jon’s company also makes a 24’ and 28’ model if your HOA allows that size that your can talk to Jon about them. He is a regular contributor here on the user group if you have any questions ([email protected])

Is it a Yagi on a 60’ tower, no. But it will get you on the air in a location that will not allow towers. It looks nice and well made.