PNW Challenge Trophy and Flounders Cup Contests Report for 2020-2021

Friday, September 3rd, 2021

  • This year we had 21 members participate in at least one contest. That is wonderful! That is the most I remember participating since being part of the SDXA.
  • As a club, we almost doubled our total score from the previous year: 7,405,971 in 2020-2021 up from 4.003.973 in 2019-2020. Way to go everyone! This is the highest score we have had since I became a member.
  • We had four members participate in all ten contests (Gary AD7XG; Gary K7GS, Pat N7UVH, and Jay WA0WWW)
  • We had nine members participate in the CW only contests: Gary AD7XG, Gary K7GS, John K7KB, Bob K7TM, Jim N7ESU, Pat N7UVH, Bob W7GSV, Ron W7GTF, Jay WA0WWW.
  • We had two members score over a million points: Gary K7GS 1,944,570 and Par N7UVH 1,250,358. This is an awesome accomplishment Gary and Pat!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to every person who participated this year. You help make it a record and fun year! I especially want to congratulate those who participated in one or more contests for the first time.