Progress on Bob (W7SX) Antenna Farm

Monday, August 3rd, 2020

Bob finished the tower/antenna installation today on his 6 meter antenna. It is an M2 5 element 6 meter Yagi, on which he modified the driven element into a folded dipole and then fed it with 450 ohm ladder line.

This tower/antenna is at one the peaks on his property and the base is anchored in a granite outcropping…all guy anchors are also in granite.

Picture 1: construction and mounting of the base plate…..extra heavy hinge is two telescoped pipes welded to the base and the tower base (standard Rohn backed with 1/4 inch steel plate.

Picture 2: Kubota delivering the top section from the shop 400 feet down

Picture 3: tower lowered

Picture 4 tower raised with the winch on the Kubota.

The tower is 30 feet but it is at the top of the property with steep drop-offs in most directions.