SDXA Lending Library

Sunday, March 29th, 2020

Did you know that the SDXA has a lending library?
Each month Jay (WA0WWW) brings these books in his truck and any member can check them out.
Up the Tower by Steve Morris, K7LXC ($35)
If you are thinking of putting up a tower, this is a great book.
Array of Light, 3rd edition: Straight talk about antennas and related subjects, by Tom Schllier N6BT ($35)
HF Vertical Performance and tests, by Steve and Ward Silver N0AX ($35)
Real tests on popular HF Vertical antennas
HF Triband Performance and test, by Steve and Ward ($35)
Real tests on popular HF Vertical antennas
RTTY Handbook, 73Magazine staff ($35) (donated by N7AU)
If you are interested in RTTY, check this book out.
The Care and Feeding of Trans. Lines by W1ZR ($35) (donated by AD7XG)
Vertical Antenna Classics by KU7G/ARRL ($15)(donated by AC7MV)
DXing 101x by AC6V ($25) (donated by AC7MV)
A great introduction to DXing.
NOTE: The Price after the book is what you owe the club if you don’t bring it back.