There exists a website to post contest scores so that others can see your raw scores. It does not replace your having to send your score and log to the contest sponsors nor any local clubs which tally member’s scores for other projects such as the PNW DX challenge cup.

This website is commonly called the 3830scores.com which is the 80 meter frequency that used to be used to tally raw scores before the internet.

Now, some contesters do not want to advertise their final scores to other competitors in the same contest until all scores are official submitted to the contest sponsor and the window of submission is closed. In this manner, they believe that this prevents competitors from increasing their final scores by manipulating either contacts or multipliers once they see your score – basically cheating to win that plaque or certificate.

Most serious contesters post their scores to the 3830 site so they can quickly compare how they did against their competitors. Because these postings are raw scores, they are not necessarily the final scores after evaluation of errors.

Have you posted anything on the site? I remember a few years ago posting my score in a single band, 20-meter category contest. As more and more scores in my category got posted throughout the following days, I kept thinking that I was ahead of everybody in my category and might win. Then, one day, a score was posted that much beat my score by a lot so the expectation of me winning quickly diminished. But, for a while, I was on top. hi hi

Here is the LINK to the 3830 site. The site is managed by Bruce Horn WA7BNM who published the Contest Calendar.