Friday, October 5th, 2018

Getting ready for the contest season, with the CQWW DX RTTY in September, Randy Foltz (K7TQ) spoke on setting up for RTTY contesting.

• using multiple encoders (MMTTY, 2Tone, and GRITTY)
• setting up VE7CC for RTTY Contacts
• optimizing macros for each contest
• best arrangement on your computer screen for RTTY

Randy K7TQ delivering the program

There was also a tour of Mike Buettner’s station (K7STO). Station tours are a regular event at meetings.

New members will no longer get a free SDXA badge. SDXA badges and hats can be obtained at this LINK.

The annual SDXA Awards banquet will be held at the Airway Heights Longhorn BBQ on December 6 (Thursday). Details later. Reserve that date for the best dinner in town.