Welcome to the Spokane DX Association  

Serving Eastern Washington and North Idaho

January 4, 2024 on Zoom

“Operating Techniques: Tips & Tricks, and KL9A Station updates” with Chris Hurlbut KL9A


SDXA Officers

President – Randy Foltz (K7TQ) — Million Point Club, Club Contests, and User group
Vice President – Mel Ming (N7GCO) — User Group, YouTube Channel, & Webmaster
Secretary – Jay Holcomb (WA0WWW) — Contests & Spokane Hamfest
Treasurer – John Gager (K7KB) — Finance Team, Membership & Webmaster
Past President — Gary Bytnar (AD7XG) — Card Checker

SDXA Leaders & Activity Teams

Club Log – Pat (Murph) Murphy (N7UVH)
Contesting – Randy Foltz (K7TQ) & Jay Holcomb (WA0WWW)(PCNW Trophy Cup)
DXing –  Bob Hallock (K7TM), Mike Buettner (K7STO), & Mel Ming (N7GCO),
DX Awards – (100 Country Club & Challenge Award) Mike Buettner (K7STO)
DX Net – Pat (Murph) Murphy (N7UVH)
Finance Investment Team – John Gager (K7KB),  Gary Swartout (K7GS), Del Morissette (WA7AQH)
Groups.io User group – Randy (K7TQ), John (K7KN), Gary (K7GS), Mel (N7GCO)
Health and Welfare of Members – Gary Swartout (K7GS)
Historian – Steve Sala (K7AWB)
Hybrid Meetings – Brandon Childs (W7BKS)
K7SDX Trustee – Mike Buettner (K7STO)
Media – Brandon Childs (W7BKS)
Meeting Refreshments – Mike (K7STO) and Bob (N7AU)
Meeting Room Setup —  Gary Bytnar (AD7XG) team leader
Membership – John Gager (K7KB)
Million Point Club – Randy Foltz (K7TQ)
New HF Mentoring – Del Morissette (WA7AQH)
Programs — Jay Lopes AC7DC
QSL Card Checker — Gary Bytnar (AD7XG)
Spokane Hamfest – Jay Holcomb (WA0WWW)
Spokane DX YouTube Channel – Mel Ming (N7GCO)
Technical – Gary Swartout (K7GS), Jeff Banke (NZ2S)
Webmasters – John Gager (K7KB) & Mel Ming (N7GCO)


ALL DXpedition funding requests are to be in writing to the club’s mailing address. Since funding is limited, in this manner, our DXpedition funding committee can give your request the consideration it deserves.


For additional info, try this SOLAR LINK for everything you ever wanted to know about the current Sun at the SolarHam site by VE3EN
Link to SPACEWEATHER.COM, a quick source for the daily activity on the sun
What is this?

The Miscellaneous Area




Regular dues – $20 per person.
Second family member – $10.
Under 19 years of age are free.
We accept PayPal too.

Gary Bytnar AD7XG


Recent News

Congratulations to Mike K7STO

Congratulations to Mike K7STO for setting a new record for the 7th call area. Mike was #1 in the 7th call area, #2 in North America and #8 in the world in the 2023 World Wide Digi DX Contest.

The SDXA 2023 EZNEC Antenna Workshop with Bob Zavrel W7SX was held at the Shadle Spokane City Library. A great group participated.

Congratulations to Bob N7AU for the CQ 160 contest 2023

Bob N7AU in the CQ 160 contest 2023 contest scored: 1st in Washington and 2nd in the 7th call area. Congratulations to Bob!    

SDXA at KARS Tailgate Party

Here is a group of SDXA members at the KARS Tailgate Party

Spokane DX Association Contests and Incentives 2023-2024  

SDXA Incentives 10 JA Districts Incentive Award Work all 10 JA Districts in any combination of contests or modes from the list below. If you are a Million Point Club member, you must make all 10 JA Districts in a single contest. 5 by 6 Incentive Award Work 5 DXCC entities in each of the […]

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