For Sale!

Ham Equipment For Sale

LDG IT-100 Antenna Tuner – Sale Price $100.00

Palomar Engineering UNUN – Sale Price $100.00

CUBE™ Vertical Antenna Unun/Feed Line Isolator with radial connectors, 1.8-61 MHz, 5KW

Price: $129.95

W3YY FSK/CW Interface – Sale Price $15.00

You can read all about it at Also see what radios if works with.

DX Engineering Auto Transformer (MM-1) – Sale Price: $60.00
Never used – brand new – Current cost: $139.99
Usually used with Mobile HF antenna

Mel (N7GCO) Email: teammel at



SDXA members can list items for sale, related to amateur radio or other electronics. Photographs can be added if included separately. Email me the text and photos. I will reduce if necessary to fit.

Before you submit the items for the web site, you should email information on the sale to all the SDXA members and friends first through our group. That reaches a greater number of local people. After trying the User group first, then submit for the web site.

Be sure to supply for each item:

model number and/or part number
your asking price
where and how to contact you
hours you are available – if by phone
condition of equipment: working, never used, has a problem, etc.
any guarantees

Mel (teammel at