Meeting Minutes

February 2022 Minutes

Here is the link to the February 2022 minutes

sdxa minutes_2022_02web

January 2022 Minutes

Link to the minutes

sdxa minutes_2022_01web

November Minutes

Here is the link to the November 2021 minutes

sdxa minutes_2021_11web

October 2021 Minutes

Here is the link to the October 2021 SDXA Minutes

sdxa minutes_2021_10web

September Minutes

Link to September 2021 Minutes

sdxa minutes_2021_09web

July 2021 Minutes

sdxa minutes_2021_07web

June SDXA Minutes

sdxa minutes_2021_06web

May SDXA Minutes

sdxa minutes_2021_05web

April SDXA Minutes

sdxa minutes_2021_04web

March 2021 Minutes

sdxa minutes_2021_03web

February 2021 Minutes

sdxa minutes_2021_02web

November 2020 Minutes

sdxa minutes_2020_11web

October 2020 SDXA Minutes

sdxa minutes_2020_10web

September 2020 SDXA Minutes

sdxa minutes_2020_09web

August 2020 SDXA Minutes

sdxa minutes_2020_08web