Monday, November 28th, 2016

The results of the Western Washington based Salmon Run contest (held on September 17-18, 2016) are in. Let’s see how our SDXA members did and who won the SDXA-sponsored plaque.

  • HIGH SCORE – SPOKANE COUNTY: Gary K7GS 94,244 points
  • HIGH SCORE – LINCOLN COUNTY: Gary AD7XG 12,540 points
  • HIGH SCORE – OKANOGAN COUNTY: Chuck KI7DG 207,488 points
  • HIGH SCORE – YAKIMA COUNTY: Mark KB7HDX 68,204 points (Honorary member, our ARRL SM)
  • CLUB SCORES: SDXA 3 entries, 314,272 points (third place)

There was a very close race for the SDXA-sponsored plaque between the usual winner (mostly) Gene W7WMO in Grant County and SDXA member Gary
K7GS in Spokane County. Gene won again, for the 7th time besting Gary by only 3,186 points. This is Gene’s 7th win of the SDXA plaque. Here is the tally:

  • Gene W7WMO 97,430 points 372 contacts, 90 multipliers (333 CW, 39 SSB)
  • Gary K7GS 94,244 points 505 contacts, 72 multipliers (296 CW, 212 SSB

Gene Bye W7WMO
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