Bob Zavrel W7SX gave a technical and practical tips presentation on low band transmitting antennas 40-80-160 using EZNEC. Receive antennas will be covered at a later date. All of us should take advantage of his impressive inventory of expertise.


Rob Fanfant (N7QT), the leader of the 2017 “Mellish Reef DXpedition” (VK9MA), presented slides of the trip in which he led a 9-operator team from November 3rd – 16th, 2017. They made a little over 43K QSO’s from Mellish Reef. Mellish Reef, IOTA (OC-072) is currently #28 most wanted on ClubLog. Rob is the new 1028 president of the Western Washington DX Club (WWDXC) in Seattle.


Vice-President Mel Ming N7GCO started a monthly review of some of our SDXA member’s stations with an insight into those of Gary’s K7GS (Number 1 DXCC Honor Roll) and Mel’s own station. He continued with the various tools a DXer can use such as Spotting tools, DX information services, maximizing station integration, and CLub Log and LOTW.


“Have you ever wanted to go on DXpedition that did not involve freezing to death or sleeping in tents on a rock. Bengt-Erik Norum K7ADD described a trip that many in our club could take and your spouses may want to join you.” He presented at the International DX Convention in April, 2017 entitled “First Time DXpedition Experience”. He went to North Cook Islands as E51AMF in January 2017.


Our own Bob Zavrel W7SX:
1. Showed the 80 & 160 meter four square receive antenna he built and how we could build one; See Bob’s controller for his four square.
2. How to build simple wire antennas that we could build on 40 meters.
3. How to build simple wire antennas that we could build on 80 meters.
4. And cheap ways to get antennas up into the air (trees, irrigation pipe, etc.)

Station Tour – Chris WX7B


A video on the recent J5T DXpedition to Guinea Bissau in Africa.

A visit to the AD7XG ham station in Davenport.

A discussion of mobiling by Jay WA0WWW.


Rob Fanfant N7QT returned for his second time this year to present the F8 digital mode

August –

Summer Picnic at Shadle Park


Randy Foltz K7TQ gave a presentation on RTTY Contesting


Geoff Howard W0CG and PJ2DX, owner of Curacao contesting station PJ2T, gave a presentation of the history of the station with emphasis on the PJ2T station’s big anniversary

 What’s ahead for station PJ2T
 Suggestions for DXers on how best to work super stations like PJ2T (and
what drives operators at stations like PJ2T nuts)
 Hints, tools, suggestion on how club members could make their stations


Chris Hurlbut KL9A, from Montana presented on “Contesting,” the Past World RadioSport Team Championship

Chris was on the winning team for the WRTC/IARU contest in 2014 in Boston. Also won the NW Division IARU in July 2016 Operating K7IR in Oregon in Single Op,
Mixed Mode, High Power. His team in 2018 took 3rd place in the 2018 WRTC/IARU contest.

WRTC 2014 Gold Medalists N6MJ, KL9A


The annual Awards Banquet at the Airway Heights Longhorn BBQ. Former ARRL NW Director and VP Jim Fenstermaker K9JF gave a lecture on the restarting of ham radio in Kosovo. Jim was instrumental in helping restart their program after an absence of many years after the country’s independence in 2008.