Ham Equipment For Sale

Urban Beam from SteppIR by Del (WA7AQH)

At the PNWDX Convention last year, I won the Urban Beam from SteppIR.  Needless to say I was thrilled.

Since I was planning to put it on my tower, I upgraded the controller to the SDA 2000 and added all the cables and other parts I would need to make it a first-rate installation.
As it turns out, I’m not going to be able to put it on my tower 🙁 , so I need to sell it.
The invoice for all the upgrades and parts with tax it’s a well over $3,000 package. It’s sitting in my heated garage in the still unopened box from SteppIR.
I’m thinking $2,000 but am open to offers if it’s a local/pickup deal (Spokane area). (I’d probably list it at $2,400 plus shipping if I have to put it on QTH or something)
The package is:
  • Urban Beam 40m-6m Yagi (Rotatable dipole on 40 and 30, two element beam 20-6)
  • SDA 2000 controller
  • 200 ft of control cable
  • Connector Junction Box, 2E and 3E
  • Adapter, 25pin Dsub Field Splice
Del (WA7AQH)

Equipment For Sale by Dick (W7BHP)

Dick Snell is in the process of selling his home in Nine Mile Falls and moving to a home in Spokane Valley.
He will not be installing it at the new location.

For Sale:
1 – CDE Ham IV rotator and control @ $300
The rotator was serviced in 2007 but, was not put into service until 2018.
1 – TET HB43sp 4-element tri-band beam, unassembled @ $200
This has been out of service since 2006.
1 – Klein lineman’s belt with two straps, used very little @ $50

All items are for pick up only.

Dick, W7BHP

Glenn Martin Hazer H-2 FOR SALE by Jay (WS7I)

Glenn Martin Hazer H-2 the heavy duty aluminum model with a TB-25 thrust bearing. that he has me selling for him.

This Hazer is more-or-less new in the box, but the box was stored in an open building and the mice have gotten to the box fairly bad. All the parts and the cable is brand new.

Asking $300 which is less than half price new. Jay has it close to his house at WA7UOJ’s as he was going to Puyallup before the crud hit.

Jay (WS7I) Jay is selling it for a friend.
If anyone has any interest just email Jay. His QRZ email is good.