January – Del Morissette WA7AQH gave a talk on “Station Audio.”

February – Bob Zavrel W7SX gave an introduction to EZNEC. There will be a separate workshop for continuing this discussion later at the Deer Park Library.

March – Mike Buettner K7STO and his friend Woody Jacobson N7HCJ presented “Operation Salmon Run and other Contests in the Field”

April – “Home Brewing, Station Accessories & Tools
We had a number of presenters sharing great ideas.
Building Home Brewed Equipment – K7GS (Gary)
Tower Pushing Tool – N7AU (Bob)
Adding SDXA Logo to Your QRZ Page – WA7TNT (David)
Voice Keyer for Icom Rigs – N7GCO (Mel)
Rotator Cards for Rotators – N7GCO (Mel)
PSTRotatorAZ Rotator Control Program – N7GCO (Mel)

May – Show & Tell
1. John (K7KB) “Serial rotor control box” – but the internet connection at the library was not behaving.
2. Mike (K7STO) “NON-Tennis Ball Antenna Launcher”
3. Harold (AD7QJ) “Tennis Ball Antenna Launcher”
4. Bob (K7TM) “Antenna Launcher #3”
5. David (WA7TNT) “ICOM AH-4 Modification” – He showed his modifications to the ICOM AH4 remote tuner so one can disconnect the control cable and coax from the unit without going inside it, which is a feat due to the number of small screws and a very thin formed gasket.
6. Mel (N7GCO) Introduction the new digital mode called FT4.

June –Brian Moran (N9ADG) Editor of the ARRL Contest Journal – “ARRL Sweepstakes from the Pacific Northwest”

Team K7IR has been competing in the Sweepstakes Multi-operator category for a number of years, and has earned the top spot a few times. Hear about the appeal of this contest, some of the things they’ve learned, and some techniques that apply to any operating activity.

July — Rob Fanfant (N7QT) “Ducie Island 2018 DXpedition VP6D”

Rob is very active in DXpeditions and is president of the Western Washington DX Club

Ducie Island, a rarely visited island atoll, has been part of the Pitcairn Islands since 1902, there are no permanent inhabitants. Ducie became a DXCC country on November 16th 2001.

August – Annual Club Picnic at the home of Del & Diane Morissette (WA7AQH) on the river at Nine Mile Falls

September –Mike Ritz (W7VO), the NW ARRL Director.

Mike presented two mini seminars:
1. “Behind the Curtain: Inside the ARRL Boardroom” — Mike showed what actually happens during an ARRL Board meeting, how it’s organized, and the special role that Vice Directors play in the process.
2. “Using An SDR To Identify Noise In The Shack” — Mike demonstrated how to use one of the cheap SDR’s to identify specific noise in your shack and area.

October – Speaker: Bob Hallock, K7TM
Topic: Hints and Tips:

  1. DXpedition Card. Bob developed a card for keeping track of DXpeditions. This is a fabulous tool for keeping on top of all needed DXpeditions and new countries.
  2. Spotting Networks. Bob demonstrated using four Spotting networks very effectively.
  3. Bob shared about his experiences at Quartzite.
  4. Mobile setup and Activating Counties. Bob has activated every county in Idaho, Washington and Montana, plus many in Wyoming, Utah and California. He shared his outstanding mobile setup.
  5. Station overview. You will get a chance to look over Bob’s station and antenna farm. He uses wire antennas very effectively.