Thursday, November 30th, 2017

The program was a video on the 2016 DXpedition to Heard Island – VK0EK. Unfortunately, it was short on ham stuff and more on the penquins and terrain. When will a video of just DXpedition radio operation be made to show us, who work the DXpeditions, on what they hear or don’t hear from us?

Randy Foltz K7TQ gave an excellent summary, showing failed parts on what happens when an antenna rotor goes South.

The DX Support fund was recharged with Bob Lee N7AU giving the Treasurer’s report.

Bob N7AU spoke on his upcoming 3-element 80-meter Yagi project. Tower is finished, just waiting for the remainder of the antenna parts from JK Antennas.

Club now has an excellent referral regarding a skilled tree climber to help install your low band antennas. (forthcoming article soon)

Starting in December the DX net on 145.25 MHz will move to the 4th Thursday of each Month.

It is was also annual election time. See the next article.