Friday, November 3rd, 2017

Randy W7TJ gave a presentation on the future of the organization. SDXA has about 44 members, but very few attend meetings or volunteer to help the organization grow. He suggested some changes to the Constitution which would make it mandatory for all members (there are exceptions) to help in one or more ways. A panel of volunteers was organized to meet later to suggest changes to the constitution.

If adopted, Active paid members will be REQUIRED to participate in one or several of these categories YEARLY along with attending at least 6 meetings per year and current with respect to dues (categories may be added):

1. Serve as an officer
2. Serve on a club event committee
3. Put on or contribute to putting on a club presentation
4. Host the Club DX Net
5. Host or participate in a Club member antenna party
6. Assist or serve as the Club Webmaster
7. Go on a DXpedition or operate from a unique remote QTH
8. Participate in a Club Event (Field Day etc.) [The Annual Picnic does not count unless hosted]
9. Host a Contest at your QTH
10. Contribute a contest score to the Club’s Efforts
11. Serve as a DX Chairman or Contest Chairman
12. Serve as an Awards Chairman (DX Card Checking)

Thanks Randy for the positive suggestions.