Friday, April 7th, 2017

Jay WS7I

It seems like forever that Jay Townsend WS7I has been our main QSL card checker for DXCC, VUCC, and WAZ awards. Jay has resigned the card checking from both the ARRL DXCC/VUCC program and CQ Publications WAZ program. He also reports is he is no longer the DXAC (DX Advisory Committee) member from the Northwestern Division for the ARRL.

Our remaining card checker is SDXA member Bruce Wade N7ZA whose contact information is at the bottom of this page. He can check DXCC, VUCC, WAC, and WAS cards for the ARRL awards.

Interested SDXA members for the card checking position should discuss their interests at the next SDXA meeting on April 6.

SDXA thanks Jay for the multitude of card checking, both in Spokane and at other regional ham gatherings.