Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Well, this years Salmon Run is over. I thought I would review the local previous winners of our SDXA-sponsored plaque. There are also bits of smoked salmon given as prizes too from the WWDXC guys. Thanks to the 2016 Washington Salmon Run Committee and Jim Hadlock K7WA.

Here are the winners of the SDXA-sponsored plaque since the beginning:

2013 salmon run plaque
2003-2004-2007-2010-2013-2015-2016 W7WMO Gene Bye from Ephrata
gary salmon run closeup
2005-2006-2009 K7OX Gary Elliott from Spokane County (SDXA member)
wilse plaque
2008 WX7P Wilse Morgan (SK) from Rice (SDXA member)

2011 salmon run plaque 002
2011 N6NR Rick Olsen from Tieton, WA, operating from station W7YKM

2012 salmon run plaque
2012 K7UK Rick Werner from Walla Walla

2014 december 009
2014 WA7LT Lamar Ray from Spokane County (SDXA member)