The SDXA-sponsored 7QP plaque

The plaque sponsored by the SDXA

The SDXA sponsors a plaque for the highest score in the 7th Area Single-Op (Unassisted) Low-Power CW category. The winner in 2019 is Geoffrey Morse K7GA of Yuma, AZ. Geoffrey sent us a picture of the plaque and of him in his shack. He says in his response to the plaque:

Here are the pictures! A wonderful addition to my meager supply! It was well worth the maximum chair time. Ham shack is semi temporary while finishing off a separate shop building for all the stuff (test bench, vintage table, main ops table). All I have presently for antennas is a 40 ft crank up pole for the X7 and a combo trap/fan inverted vee supported by a 60 ft Palm (80/40/30). Great antenna heights for domestic contests, but really gotta work for DXCC efforts. Next year hopefully I will have a bigger tower, 40/30 2L Yagi and inverted L ants for 160/80 all in the back 1 acre.

I had a Central Electronics 10B, 458 VFO to a modified DX-100B. NC-300 receiver back in the day in Brookings, Ore and later in Moscow, Idaho before joining the USN. My mother became an RN at Deaconess Hospital in Spokane. My father bought me a Viking Ranger I (traded in the DX-100) at HCJ Electronics in Spokane, too. Do you remember that wonderful candy store?

73 and thanks for sponsoring the award!!”

Geoff Morse K7GA

Here are the previous winners of the SDXA plaque:

2012 STEPHEN SALA K7AWB, highest 7th Area single op, high power, digital score, 9213 points
2015 DAVID WELLS N7AM, Pima, AZ, highest 7th Area single op, digital score, 4686 points
2016 DAVID WELLS N7AM, Pima, AZ, highest 7th Area single op, digital score, 8715 points
2017 PAT MURPHY N7UVH, Post Falls, ID, highest 7th Area single op digital score, 21,021 points
2018 LARRY READER KE2VB, Oro Valley, AZ, highest 7th Area single op digital score, 156,984 points
2019 GEOFFREY MORSE K7GA, Yuma. AZ, highest 7th Area Single-Op (Unassisted) Low-Power CW, 131,841 points

SDXA sponsored two plaques during the contest season. One is the 7QP and the other is in September Salmon Run.

article by Steve K7AWB