A new section has been added to the Header called “For Sale!” whereby SDXA members can list items for sale, related to amateur radio. Photographs can be added if included separately. Email me the text and photos. Photos need to be 475 pixels maximum, a maximum size of 3″x5″ or so. I will reduce if necessary to fit.

Before you submit the items to me for the web site, you should email them to all the SDXA members and friends first through our Google Group. That reaches a greater number of local people. After trying the Google Group first, then submit for the web site.

Be sure to be supply for each item:

model number and/or part number
your asking price
where and how to contact you
hours you are available – if by phone
condition of equipment: working, never used, has a problem, etc.
any guarantees

Items not sold in a reasonable period will be deleted. You may list items again if you wish.

Steve K7AWB