Saturday, May 26th, 2018

The combination of CQ Communication’s WAZ system with the ARRL’s LOTW system is now complete. CQ Communications publishes the magazine called CQ. If you are working on the ARRL’s DXCC awards, you probably know about the WAZ Awards for working all 40 zones on single bands or modes. Many years ago, CQ Communications defined the surface of the earth into 40 zones. It has been one of the more popular awards with many variations. Anyway, now your LOTW credits can be applied solely or with QSL cards to satisfy the requirements. LOTW credits are obtained via the LOTW system where you pay the ARRL for accepting the matched submittals from a particular QSO.

You still have to submit for your WAZ award, not through the ARRL, but the CQ system, and can combine LOTW credits with your QSL cards. There are several WAZ card checkers (checkpoints) throughout the USA and Canada that can check your cards. Unfortunately, there are none in the Spokane area unless someone wants to step up and apply to be a local WAZ checker through the CQ system.

Here are a link for further information. It is a little sketchy right now on how the system works, but it just started this week. hi hi

CQ Communications sponsors the following awards:

• CQ DX Awards
• CQ DX Marathon
• CQ WAZ Awards
• CQ Diamond Jubilee WAZ Award
• CQ WPX Awards
• CQ Halls of Fame
• CQ USA-CA Award

LINK to the WAZ official rules.

Any WAZ questions you have on the award can be addressed to:

John Bergman, KC5LK
WAZ Award Manager
125 Deer Trail
Brandon MS 39042-9409

John clarified some issues with me:

1) you have made a LOTW submission and you want to know what to do next: Nothing. I will let you know when I work my way to your application.
2) you make a 40 card paper application and want to know what to do next; mail everything to either my address listed on the CQ website or in CQ magazine or a CQ checkpoint that is listed on the CQ website.
3) you have some cards and you have some LOTW credits that cover all 40 zones and you want to know what to do next. Same as number 2.
4) The ARRL does not check paper cards for any CQ Award unless the ARRL DXCC Card Checker is also a CQ Checkpoint. There is a current list of CQ Checkpoints on the CQ Website.