Friday, May 4th, 2018

Gary Bytnar AD7XG

I am excited to announce our new SDXA club President to fullfil the unexpired current term.

Our process:
1. We asked each of the club officers if they would like to take the role of President. Each of the current officers felt they were currently in the role that they were best suited for and that will help the club the most. I think we have an excellent team (Mel N7GCO – VP and Program, Jay WA0WWW – Sec, Bob N7AU – Treas, Chris WX7B – Past President, plus a number of Committee Chairpersons).

2. We also had a very gracious offer from one of our club members to serve in one of the support roles, if any of the present officers took the Presidency. They were not interested in the Presidency. Since all the current officers chose to stay in their current positions, we have asked this club leader to consider one of the committee chairperson roles and hope they will do this. The committee chairpersons role is becoming much more significant in our club leadership.

Present Committee leaders are:
Awards and card checker, Gary AD7XG
Club Log, Chuck KI7DG
Contest, Jay WA0WWW
DX, Gary K7GS
Programs, Mel N7GCO
Spokane Hamfest, Jay WA0WWW
Technical, Bob W7SX
Web and Google Group, Steve K7AWB

We hope to add chairpersons for 1) Field day and 2) the Summer Picnic. These would be a great addition to our club. If you are interested, please let one of our officers know.

3. We established a list of potential SDXA Presidents and I am pleased to say we had a number on this list. The future looks great. I think we were all encouraged.
After deliberation, the current officer’s unanimously ask Gary Bytnar AD7XG, to serve as President. Gary has agreed. Gary has been our card checker, awards committee chairperson and one of the most active club members. He is a gracious leader and the current officers are all looking forward to serving with him. We will formally introduce Gary as President at the club meeting on Thursday.
Congratulations Gary!


SDXA Vice President.