The PRESIDENT’S CORNER – April, 2018

by Randy Crews W7TJ

The same French DX group that brought us Tromelin (FT4TA) in early November of 2014 and Juan De Nova (FT4JA) in early April of 2016 will activate Brandon Island (3B7A) April 5th to the 17th. The last activation was in 2007 by a small Polish Dxpedition (3B7SP) and September of that same year by the 3B7C group amassing a great QSO Total. Transportation will be via air with only a small hop by boat to the island.
Solar Flux will be approximately the same as during the 2007 operation (high sixties) boosted by almost 13 ½ hours of daylight here in W7 land, and basically a shared gray line at our sunset and sunrise. April normally affords us good propagation to the Indian Ocean and Africa this time of year; opportunities should be good. This is an experienced group of French Dxpedition Operators well familiar with this area of the world and pileups.

Propagation: We actually have a “real” sunspot rotating onto the Sun as March was almost void of spots. The new spot(s) as announced by one of the actually have {reverse polarity}, A good indicator of possibly the start of a new cycle, however new sunspots must be reverse polarity AND high latitude before we can start looking to cycle 25 along with significant growth in size and magnetic complexity to pull us out of the solar dumps that has been the mainstay of cycle 24.